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In Norse mythology, Tyr was the god of war and justice, guarantor of contract, defender of oath, as well as the symbol of courage and the honor of heroism. As his name may be related to Tuisto the sacred ancestor of the Germanic people or shares the same origin with Dyeus the lord god in Indo-European religion , he was believed to be the chief of all gods, but was later gradually replaced by Odin.

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Later, this responsibility was taken over by Odin, who was also associated with war. Besides, court was considered to be the battlefield of debates, and therefore he was also regarded as the god of law and justice. He always carried his sword and looked majestic, but there was little description about his combat. The ancient oath of sword was originated from the worship of Tyr.

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Odin saw all this on his throne. The deities were afraid of Fenrir; only Tyr dared to feed this wolf.

Myth Minutes: Binding of Fenrir

But Fenrir grew up quickly day by day, and so did his wild nature. The deities had to tie him up to avoid troubles in the future.

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The deities forged an iron chain named Laeding. They playfully asked Fenrir to help testing how strong the chain was, by tying him up. But Fenrir easily broke the chain with a violent effort.

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The deities quickly made a stronger chain named Dromi. Thereupon, the deities turned to the dwarves for a chain strong enough. His day is Tuesday. Tyr was the son of Odin though in Myth 17 he is made out to be the son of the giant Hymir. Like Odin, he has many characteristics of the earlier Germanic gods of battle. Parallels in other mythologies along with archaeological discoveries relating to a one-handed god, suggest that this character is very old and was known in Northern Europe somewhere between one and two thousand years before Snorri Sturluson included it in his Prose Edda.

Similarities can be found in the one-handed Naudu in Irish mythology and in Mitra, just god of the day, of Indian mythology. The Norse Gods. Tag: binding of Fenrir.