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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Two of SFWA Grand Master Norton's earlier novels Star Soldiers - Kindle edition by Andre Norton. Download it.
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She throws him on the floor and threatens him before sitting down. She then tries to brighten the mood by informing the others that she has brought aboard three barrels of bloodwine , which the crew have not had for six months. Meanwhile, Martok and Worf discuss the crew's unsatisfactory combat record and both realize that one defeat after another has taken away the crew's motivation and has even led them to expect defeat.

They both agree that a victory would do much to lift their spirits. They promise each other they will make the ship worthy of the Empire. Back in the mess hall, the crew drinks Jadzia's bloodwine and discusses their previous failures in battle. Kornan claims that the ship is cursed and that they will never be victorious in battle. Just then, a klaxon goes off indicating that they have cloaked, and Worf calls alert status one — a Jem'Hadar patrol has crossed their path. Despite the ship's and the crew's readiness for battle, Martok decides not to risk attacking the Jem'Hadar ship, claiming that their real mission is to rescue the B'Moth.

Even though the crew strongly disagrees with this, Worf refuses to challenge Martok. Dax warns him that a dangerous situation is developing. In the mess hall , the crewmembers get drunk and Leskit begins an analysis of the Jem'Hadar after he speaks admirably of the Cardassians he fought against. He says that the Jem'Hadar have no honor and that makes them more efficient than Klingons. He even interprets the recent decisions of Martok as a fear of the Jem'Hadar.

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Suddenly, Kornan goes berserk and attacks Leskit. In the fight, he nearly kills Ortikan who came to the rescue. Dax then ends the combat by shooting Kornan with a phaser.

Worf runs into Dax in the corridor and notices the blood stains on her uniform. She informs him what happened and once again warns him that it will only get worse.

A little after, the Rotarran crew picks up a distress call from the B'Moth. It is an automatic transmission indicating they were attacked by the Jem'Hadar, suffered heavy casualties and are in need of assistance. They set a course for the coordinates. Tavana thanks Dax for intervening in the fight and saving Ortakin, her Par'Mach'kai.

Worf and Martok discuss the distress call. Martok is convinced that it is a trap, that the Jem'Hadar purposely left survivors aboard the B'Moth in order for someone to come rescue them, or even that they may have faked the distress call. When the Rotarran arrives in visual range, they realize that the battle cruiser has drifted into Cardassian space.

The crew is ready to cross the border in order to carry out the rescue, but Martok refuses to take them across, citing strict orders from the High Council and claiming that there must not be survivors anyway. He then leaves the bridge, and Worf decides that it is time to challenge him for command of the ship. Martok returns to the bridge and Worf challenges him. It is clear that the crew can't stand another defeat and Worf wants his friend to see that.

In the following struggle, Martok again feels what it is to be a Klingon and when Worf realizes he has made his point, he lets Martok defeat him. When a Jem'Hadar ship is detected nearby, a re-invigorated Martok promises to make the Jem'Hadar regret crossing them. This time, the crew are fully behind him and sing The Warrior's Anthem much more enthusiastically. Dax carries an injured but much-at-ease Worf to be treated. Later, the ship returns to DS9 on a triumphant note.

Star Soldiers

They had destroyed the Jem'Hadar ship and rescued 35 crewmembers from the B'Moth. The scope of their success allowed the High Council to easily forgive their crossing into Cardassian space; indeed, they commended the crew's bravery. The crew is completely changed by the recent victory, and Martok requests fifteen barrels of bloodwine to celebrate this. He later comes to Worf to thank him for making him remember he is a soldier and a warrior, and Worf admits that when he let Martok defeat him, he wasn't sure he wouldn't kill him.

Martok is impressed by the sacrifice Worf was willing to make, and makes his friend an offer. He mentions that Worf still wears the crest for the House of Mogh, and Worf admits that Jadzia considers it a sentimental gesture. Martok offers Worf a new beginning as a member of the House of Martok , telling him he is proud to welcome Worf into his family as a warrior Worf accepts, and replaces the House of Mogh crest with the one for the House of Martok.

The two warriors and brothers clasp hands in victory, signaling a new beginning for Worf. I now take my place as first officer. I serve the captain, but I stand for the crew. It's go ing to be tough but your starship, the Caesar, can pack some decent firepower so you can become a true Star Soldier of the galaxy. OK, that story sucked but maybe the actual game will be better? Back in the late 's a lot of crappy shooters were released at that time for the NES anybody remember Star Force, Mag Max, Xevious , and other junk out there that cause me to drink for example , but Star Soldier had a slight edge over the competition.

This shooting game featured a cool power up system that gave you a shield and five way rapid fire shot at the same time once you are full strength. Not only that, it also changed the background music from a boring low key stuff to the more intense musical track to help bring you deeper into the action.

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The rest of the sound effects are standard shooter stuff and are not too exciting. Another feature with Star Soldier that I'm not to thrilled with, is this weird map overlay system they have here. Sometimes your ship will go under a part of game's level map and this means that you won't get hit by that group of enemies and it sounds great in theory.

The problem is you can't shoot in this state as well for whatever reason. Hudson tried to make the game too innovative but in the end this feature is just way too confusing and it happens too randomly. Unfortunately this annoying feature keeps Star Soldier from being a classic. The graphics are pretty substandard even for the NES and that's pretty bad. The game is filled with several tiny, poorly drawn enemies and it's easy to get sick of the repetitive backgrounds here as well. The colours are also on the bland side with poor use of shading and lack of variety, but it's not all bad.

The game has some cool looking Star Brain bosses and the game moves at a nice furious pace too. Sure you got to love that name, but the first ever Star Soldier does definitely pales in comparison to today's standards thanks to it's weak graphics and sometimes unfair game play here. I think the game would have been much better if you didn't die instantly from a hitting a enemy and they got rid of that whole stupid mapping system.

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  • Hudson Soft really needs to hire me as a game tester, eh? To be fair though the game is still a fun fast pace classic shooter with some decent sounds, and a lot of challenge action here. The game may come with both minor and major problems holding it back but this Star Soldier game is easy to get it cheap for 1 to 5 bucks so it won't break your balls either.

    Star Soldiers by Andre Norton - WebScription Ebook

    Talk about a big boss, eh? Not bad for a shooter. I was surprised and excited when I saw this new game first in the previews back in early 90's, Super Star Soldier looked awesome especially when compared to the first game on the ol d NES and it looks like the TurboGrafx was go ing to get another stellar shooter. After finally playing it "I was hooked! This game is sure to impress the shooter fan out there. This Star Soldier hardly plays like the original at all, it plays more like Blazing Lazers which was released just a year before it.

    Blazing Lazers was one slick looking shooter that still has a decent cult following, but let's be honest here, it was just way too easy, this star soldier title here is anything but. P re pare yourself of 8 levels of prue craziness, because your enemies come from all sides of the screen even from behind and they are not afraid attack in large groups too. There are no shield power ups, you just get a weak bubble shield that only protects you from a couple of hits then you're dead. Once you play it a few times it's not so bad but don't expect to beat it on your first try though. The Star Brains are back!

    Even if you manage to beat the Normal game and see the real pilot behind the Star Soldier's Neo Caesar , you can always play the 2 or 5 minutes Time Trial modes and get the high score s.