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Crag Banyon is One Horse Open Slay: A Crag Banyon Mystery . In this first novel, he is set up for the murder of one of Santa's elves and heads off to the.
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A hunted man, Banyon lams it to the Arctic Circle to clear his name. He quickly finds that Santa's workshop is a lot more dangerous than even a plucky P. Between fighting for his life and fending off the advances of a hot-to-trot Mrs. Claus, Banyon uncovers a conspiracy that goes far past December Rozan and Donald E. There are enough Christmas stories in this gigantic volume to last you until next Christmas! Westlake and John Mortimer. Estleman, Jane Haddam, Stuart M. Westlake, among many others.

Hardly a comprehensive list of Christmas anthologies. But these are the best ones I know of. If you know of one thart should be here, please let me know A feisty little collection of stories by feisty little, globespinning Soho Crime, featuring holiday tales from all over the world that range from laugh-out-loud, spit out-your-turkey hilarious to heart-breaking, cry-until-New-Years misery and woe, from such stalwart contributors as Cara Black in a little ditty featuring Irene Adler's daughter.

I wonder who dad is? Not really a Christmas movie, although the Christmas scenes in Nick and Nora Charles' first film are true classics. Asta gets a fire hydrant, and Nick, full of Yuletide cheer, uses his brand-new pop gun to pick ornaments off the tree. A perfect Christmas afternoon flick.

Chandler's Philip here for some reason spelled "Phillip" Marlowe is hired to track down the missing wife of a pulp magazine publisher. The entire film is seen through the eyes of Marlowe, literally! The technique utilizes a "subjective camera.


Probably just as well. This is the lamest Marlowe film of them all, even less entertaining than Mitchum's road trip to London in 's drowsy The Big Sleep remake. Kiss my lens, baby! The first Mike Hammer movie shot in 3-D, no less! Each major sequence begins with a Christmas card filling the screen as Hammer does his voiceover. The question is "How could they? They're not really Christmas-Christmas movies, of course, but a good chunk of the action gunplay, lots of explosions, cursing and laugh-your-ass-off wisecracks takes place during the holidays.

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And isn't a gunfight at a crowded football stadium a bit more entertaining than watching Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life again, really? Hell, you could argue that the growing friendship between loser private eye Joe Hallenbeck and disgraced football star James Alexander Dix as they slowly put aside their prejudices is really what Christmas is all about. More Christmas magic from Shane "Mr. Christmas" Black. Once again, he manages to unleash all sorts of mayhem for the holidays, as sweetie pie schoolteacher and mom Geena Davis slowly starts to recover from amnesia, and realizes she's some sort of assassin.

This one even has snow in it, during a crazed showdown at the U. Okay, once again it's not really a Christmas flick Christmas flick, but at least part of the action plays out during the Holidays. Plus, you've got at least two wise men P. In other words, it's a pure blast of fun, shoot-em-ups and wisecracks.

Pass the eggnog. Back to back Christmas-related episodes starring Maury Chaykin as Nero Wolfe and Timothy Hutton as Archie Goodwin are sure to put even the most glum mystery fan into a better frame of mind for the season. Plus, nobody puts on a holiday spread like Fritz. List compiled by Kevin Burton Smith. Merry Christmas, guys. What have we missed?

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Copyright , thrillingdetective. All rights reserved. Christmas Eyes "Ah, sweet Christmas! Buy this book Medical fraud investigator Pauline Sokol checks out some shaky dealings in a dentist's office. Shoot a Sitting Duck by David Alexander Fans of Yuletide murders that take place in flea circuses could do far worse than checking out this Bart Hardin case. Credit for a Murder by Spencer Dean What could be more murderous than a department store at Christmas?

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