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rectekyregobb.ml: Last Stand in Zombie Town eBook: C.L. Bledsoe, Cinsearae Santiago, Roberta Antunez: Kindle Store.
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Anti-hero Earl Bedford is a retired cop removed from society in the hills of Arkansas who chooses to stretch his pension by robbing banks.

Last Stand on Zombie Island

The humorous tone of the book is set in the opening pages when we find Earl contemplating his physique fat ass , while casing a bank, and enjoying stimulation from his female crime partner. Following the robbery Earl struggles to keep it together after several mishaps to make it home to his isolated cabin in the Ozarks. His pregnant wife shot a cop during their escape. Worst of all, his remote hometown is invaded by Yankee tourists.

The Last Stand (series)

And then of course there is the looming zombie apocalypse. Zombies appear late in the story. Later than a zombie aficionado might prefer for a page novella.

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Admittedly this was a little confusing, but may signal that zombies are a sideshow to the main action. Or at least another hurdle for the protagonist. Monsters are metaphors on acid. The zombie genre typically highlights the human relationship dynamic stressed by chaos The Walking Dead TV series , or the helplessness and then resourcefulness of humans World War Z , or innate humor of zombies ruling the world Zombieland.

The author deftly uses zombies to propel characters towards one another. Earl and T. Their true characters soon emerge when faced with the judgment day, and the drug-induced federal agent runs for the hills to save himself, leaving others to contend with the zombies. At the same time the bank-robber Earl, provoked by his conscientious baby mama, works to protect the living.

Both anti-hero and villain-cop cannot live in the same apocalyptic world, let alone a cabin in the Ozarks, the only safe place in Arkansas.

The Last Living Boy In Zombietown

This creates the ultimate, ending conflict between the two that can only be resolved by explosive violence. Zombie stories, as metaphors, sometimes indict modern society or culture. They carry a message of morality, and highlight the popular indictment that modern society acts as a mindless mob incapable of independent thought.

Following the incident, Zed, Eliza, and Bonzo are returned to Zombietown. Addison states to the viewers that Bucky is changing the line-up for the cheer squad. Bucky is then shown cutting three members from his cheerleading group due to them sympathizing with the zombies.

The Last Living Boy In Zombietown | Julie's Haircut

On the day of the cheerleader competition, Addison and Bree find Zed and Bonzo trying to stop Eliza from sabotaging the competition, and after Eliza talks with her friends, she realizes that doing so is not the right thing to do. Bucky's team is failing because they do not have enough members, so Zoey tries to get in and help him.

At first, Zoey is booed by the crowd, but with help from Addison and Zed, the zombies and cheerleaders come together to make a cheer routine during the Cheer competition. Zed and Addison tell each other they love each other. Later, everyone has a block party at Zombietown.


As Zoey finally gets her dog, the zombies and humans mingle with each other freely. Production on the film began in May The film premiered on Disney Channel on February 16, During its premiere in the PM time slot, Zombies attracted a total of 2. In February , it was announced that a Zombies sequel was going into production with returning stars, director, and writers, with filming to take place in spring From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    Upside-Down Magic Zombies 2 Films directed by Paul Hoen. Categories : s dance films s monster movies s musical films s teen films television films American dance films American films American teen musical films American television films American zombie films Cheerleading films Disney Channel Original Movie films English-language films Films directed by Paul Hoen Films shot in Toronto Human-zombie romance in fiction Musical television films.