Guide Injustice: Why Social Inequality Persists

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An introduction to. Injustice: why social inequality still persists by the author, Danny Dorling. It is generally accepted that the inequalities between poor and rich.
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In spite of its flaws, specialist and general readers alike are likely to find much of the book a fascinating read that sticks in the memory.

Lately, while teaching, I have often found piquant little pieces of Injustice popping, impromptu, into my head and out of my mouth - with all due credit given to the author, of course. From a teacher with a wealth of ammunition about inequality to fire at bleary-eyed students, that says a lot.

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Injustice: Why social inequality persists

Register to continue Get a month's unlimited access to THE content online. Dorling is a well established human geographer and cartographer who has written widely about health inequality and poverty. The edition of Injustice presents updated data, sadly showing how from inequality rates have further increased. Policymakers, activists and scholars will find this volume topical and compelling. The overarching question is why injustice still persists in rich countries.

Although, in most of them, slavery has been abolished, segregation of African Americans has ended, and women can now officially vote, inequality is today on the rise: the richest 1 percent owned 41 percent of all the wealth of the planet in , rising to 48 percent by The book is structured around five main chapters, one for each widespread belief that bolsters injustice: the efficiency of elitism, the necessity of exclusion, the naturalness of prejudice, the positive effects of greed, the inevitability of despair.

This cannot leave the academic readers indifferent and surely pushes them towards self-criticism.

Injustice: Why social inequality persists

This situation is due to the growing competition to which students are subject to, as well as the constant advertisements that bolster their need for consumption. This situation is also sustained by the pharmaceutical industry that profits from these pathologies.

Injustice is definitely worth reading for all those interested in the eradication of social injustice: the book provides up-to-date data, an analysis of contemporary issues and practices underpinning inequality, and a concise interpretation of the main causes of the persistence of injustice, together with possible solutions. It certainly constitutes fundamental reading for activists and policymakers who need fresh data and original ideas.

Injustice: Why Social Inequality Persists, by Daniel Dorling

This however, constitutes both a strong and a weak aspect of the volume: while it is crucially important to bridge the academic world with that of policymakers, practitioners and activists, writing in an accessible way and without hiding behind difficult jargon, students of social inequality and injustice may not find an in-depth engagement with scholarly literature. For instance, despite the book ending on a hopeful note, throughout the chapters Dorling lingers on the binary divide between the poor and the rich, whereby the former appears as brain-washed and powerless, while the latter as ultimately characterised by greed and false consciousness.

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New Zealand Geographer Volume 67, Issue 1.

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