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the traditional 9–5 environment was how much you absolutely lose your damn mind when you start working from home. Your work days.
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Not only should a job provide the financial support you need to live and support your family, but it should also be fulfilling on another level. One thing is sure. Murphy says it is essential to be honest with ourselves when determining whether our jobs are having a negative effect on our lives. If you dig deeper into the situation, is the job preventing you from achieving your dreams or bettering yourself in anyway? People who like their jobs typically are those who are continually growing and learning.

As humans, we come equipped with intuition, that feeling in our guts that tells us whether something is right or wrong. Murphy says that once you have thoughtfully examined the above questions, the real truth could come from your gut. It is essential, however, not to mistake pure emotion as a gut reaction. Being able to trust your gut about a situation really only comes after a careful examination of the evidence. As we mentioned in an earlier column , working with these ass hats can often make people miserable and inspire them to jump ship without a life preserver.

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You want to leave your job because it is the right thing for you to do, not because some jerk made you mad. It is first necessary to figure out what your next position must have to make it more enjoyable than the last: Do you want more responsibility, less, do you need more money, health insurance benefits, do you want to work days or night, etc? Having a job is never going to be perfect, but improvements can be made to make your time on the clock less dreadful. We could all be a little more involved. Plus, these skills may help me in future job endeavors and they also keep my mind occupied and growing.

One of the causes of depression is not having a personal goal and getting increasingly bored or stagnant. They offer tons of included support to get you going. Check it out. How does my body feel? How do I respond to this type of food?

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What do I want to do? The good thing about extra time: you have time to think about how to take care of yourself better and grow. When I can pinpoint certain feelings, I can talk about them easier and we can work through it together. Drink coffee and talk to other patrons. Go to a local museum that gives you the history of the region. Travel opens your mind to new perspectives and is vital to understanding others. Get out of your comfort zone. Lay around for a bit and get caught up on sleep and projects, but when you start to get bored or start feeling depressed, take some action.

Get some new goals, start a side hustle, or meet some new people, but keep yourself sharp. Your mental and physical health are important. Stay on top of it. We can go for a walk and talk on the phone! Anybody have cool stuff to add?

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Get into my finances. Allow myself to be helped. Get social.

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