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How to bring the healing power of nature to your daily life.
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I have lived in New York City for 50 years, and living here is sometimes made bearable for me only by its gardens. This has been true for my patients, too. When I worked at Beth Abraham, a hospital just across the road from the New York Botanical Garden, I found that there was nothing long-shut-in patients loved more than a visit to the garden — they spoke of the hospital and the garden as two different worlds.

I cannot say exactly how nature exerts its calming and organizing effects on our brains, but I have seen in my patients the restorative and healing powers of nature and gardens, even for those who are deeply disabled neurologically. In many cases, gardens and nature are more powerful than any medication. In his usual busy, city environment, he has hundreds of tics and verbal ejaculations each day — grunting, jumping, touching things compulsively.

I was therefore amazed one day when we were hiking in a desert to realize that his tics had completely disappeared.

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But once we led her out into the garden, where plants and a rock garden provided a varied landscape, she was galvanized by this, and could rapidly, unaided, climb up the rocks and down again. They have forgotten, or cannot access, how to tie their shoes or handle cooking implements. But put them in front of a flower bed with some seedlings, and they will know exactly what to do — I have never seen such a patient plant something upside down.

Read the most thought-provoking, funny, delightful and raw stories from The New York Times Opinion section. Sign up for our Sunday Best newsletter. My patients often live in nursing homes or chronic-care institutions, so the physical environment of these settings is crucial in promoting their well-being.

Anisotropic and self-healing hydrogels with multi-responsive actuating capability

Some of these institutions have actively used the design and management of their open spaces to promote better health for their patients. As it expanded to a bed institution, it swallowed most of the gardens, but it did retain a central patio full of potted plants that remains very crucial for the patients. There are also raised beds so that blind patients can touch and smell and wheelchair patients can have direct contact with the plants. Clearly, nature calls to something very deep in us. Biophilia, the love of nature and living things, is an essential part of the human condition.

Hortophilia, the desire to interact with, manage and tend nature, is also deeply instilled in us. The role that nature plays in health and healing becomes even more critical for people working long days in windowless offices, for those living in city neighborhoods without access to green spaces, for children in city schools or for those in institutional settings such as nursing homes. Oliver Sacks was a neurologist and author of many books. Multiple rows of cells behind an epithelial wound edge extend cryptic lamellipodia to collectively drive cell-sheet movement.

Cell Sci. Nusrat, A.

The purpose of

Intestinal epithelial restitution - characterization of a cell-culture model and mapping of cytoskeletal elements in migrating cells. Tamada, M. Two distinct modes of myosin assembly and dynamics during epithelial wound closure. A novel cytoskeletal structure involved in purse string wound closure and cell polarity maintenance. Murrell, M. Substrate viscosity enhances correlation in epithelial sheet movement.

Anon, E. Cell crawling mediates collective cell migration to close undamaged epithelial gaps. Ravasio, A. Gap geometry dictates epithelial closure efficiency. Vedula, S. Mechanics of epithelial closure over non-adherent environments. Califano, J.

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  • Japanese “forest medicine” is the science of using nature to heal yourself—wherever you are.

Substrate stiffness and cell area predict cellular traction stresses in single cells and cells in contact. Cell Mol. Han, S. Decoupling substrate stiffness, spread area, and micropost density: a close spatial relationship between traction forces and focal adhesions. Harkness, T.

Shinrin-Yoku Forest Medicine - Shinrin-yoku: the Medicine of Being in the Forest

High-content imaging with micropatterned multiwell plates reveals influence of cell geometry and cytoskeleton on chromatin dynamics. Limouze, J. Specificity of blebbistatin, an inhibitor of myosin II. Muscle Res. Cell Motil. Rizvi, S. Identification and characterization of a small molecule inhibitor of formin-mediated actin assembly.

Nolen, B. Nature , — Burnette, D. A role for actin arcs in the leading-edge advance of migrating cells. Honda, H. How much does the cell boundary contract in a monolayered cell sheet. Farhadifar, R.

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The influence of cell mechanics, cell—cell interactions, and proliferation on epithelial packing. Fletcher, A. Vertex models of epithelial morphogenesis. Krzyszczyk, P. Mechanosensing can result from adhesion molecule dynamics. Cochet-Escartin, O. Border forces and friction control epithelial closure dynamics. Brown, R. Tensional homeostasis in dermal fibroblasts: mechanical responses to mechanical loading in three-dimensional substrates. Chien, S. Mechanotransduction and endothelial cell homeostasis: the wisdom of the cell.

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Heart Circ. Force mapping in epithelial cell migration. Mertz, A. Cadherin-based intercellular adhesions organize epithelial cell-matrix traction forces. Scaling of traction forces with the size of cohesive cell colonies. Bi, D.

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Motility-driven glass and jamming transitions in biological tissues. X 6 , Razzell, W.

Recapitulation of morphogenetic cell shape changes enables wound re-epithelialisation. Staddon, M. Cooperation of dual modes of cell motility promotes epithelial stress relaxation to accelerate wound healing. PLoS Comput. Mitrossilis, D.